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From city studios to expansive villas overlooking the best views in the city, we optimise your income through short-term renting while ensuring your property and guests are both well looked after.


We work smarter, combining expert knowledge, technical know-how and market intelligence to ensure you receive a personalised and responsive service that delivers consistent returns and stability.

From the city centre to the beach and everything in between, we manage all property types

Holiday Houses

The Stay Hub is in Taupo.

We're proud to offer our best-in-class property management service in one of New Zealand's top holiday destinations. 

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Our luxury offering. 


The Stay Hub are very proud to announce our property management partnership with Homes & Villas by Marriott International.

From marketing and guest management, cleaning and maintenance - you can be sure your biggest asset is in the safest of hands - without lifting a finger.

We take care of everything to an impeccable standard. 

Happy guests means positive reviews, more bookings and increased and consistent revenue. 


We go the extra mile to ensure a great experience every time.

Regular inspections alongside our eagle-eyed cleaning team and 24/7 guest helpline ensure any maintenance issues are dealt with immediately.


Your asset is protected and always immaculate for your guests.

We take care of everything so you don't have to

Optimised Listings

We make your property stand out using professional photography, clever copywriting, and creative online strategies that ensure your property ranks well and gets noticed.

Platforms like Airbnb are always innovating - so our marketers are constantly optimising our listings to ensure best results.

Data-Driven Pricing

Our nightly rates are optimised utilising live market data. 

On top of that, our professional Revenue Analyst constantly monitors our pricing based on local knowledge, ma
ximising return on investment by balancing nightly rates and occupancy.


We use all the top channels to promote your property - Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, Trip Advisor and more.


Our relationships within the travel, relocation, and film industry also serve to spread our reach even further.

We do more than just Airbnb

We promote our properties online across over 40 global short-term rental and hotel booking websites. Struggling with occupancy? No problem, let's get you in front of more people!