The Stay Hub Double Down Program Terms & Conditions

Thank you for trusting The Stay Hub to manage another of your properties.  To show our appreciation, you may be entitled to receive $500 credit to your The Stay Hub account for each “Eligible Property”, in accordance with the terms and conditions set out below.  

1.   In these Terms, but subject to clause 2 below, an “Eligible Property” means any referral that meets the following requirements:

(a)     The additional property(ies) must enter into a contract with The Stay Hub to manage for at least 3 months in the next 12 months (“Minimum Term”).
(b)     The property must be located within an area that The Stay Hub services; and 
(c)     Meet the eligibility criteria set by The Stay Hub from time to time (which may include, among other things, average daily rate achievable, condition of the property and any such factors affecting the marketability of the property). 

The final decision on whether a property qualifies as an Eligible Property rests on the sole discretion of The Stay Hub.

2.   Provided the referral qualifies as an Eligible Property, you will receive, and be entitled to use, The Stay Hub account credit (“Credit”) once the Eligible Property completes the Minimum Term with The Stay Hub (as set out in clause 1(a)).  

3.   The Credit may be used solely to set off amounts otherwise payable by you to The Stay Hub.  The Credit cannot be exchanged for cash or other consideration, nor can be combined with any other offers.  In the event your contract with The Stay Hub is terminated or expires (for whatever reason) prior to you redeeming the Credit in full, and remaining Credit as at the date of termination or expiry will automatically expire and be voided.

4.   These terms are governed by New Zealand law. In case of any disputes, the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New Zealand.