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The Stay Hub | August financial update

The third quarter of the year is coming to a speedy close, with our average daily rate (ADR) for August sitting at $246 across the board for all property types. For one bedroom properties, we saw an occupancy of 87.6% with an ADR of $143, while two bedroom properties took in 80.4% and $210 respectively. For three bedrooms, we achieved an 84.2% occupancy and an ADR of $305. Finally, 4 or more bedrooms took in 67.9% with an ADR of $443.

As spring begins, with summer hot on its heels, now has never been a better time to enter the market. One of the best perks of short-term renting is the ability to optimise pricing around seasons, events, and booking demand. As with the travel industry as a whole, short-term rentals have peak revenue months alongside seasonal changes.

Typically, we can expect to see a much greater average daily rate and occupancy in the summer months of December through to February, and not just in the Auckland CBD. Areas in the wider Auckland region do just as well, with short-term rentals in and around the coast particularly popular when the sunny weather hits.

To ensure you are capitalising on financial gains during the warmer weather, owners should ensure their properties are prepped accordingly. Invest in sun loungers, BBQs, and, for more upmarket properties, additional amenities such as a hot tub always works a treat, increasing the value of your short-stay and commanding a higher premium.

While daily rates drop lower when winter is ushered in come June, we can see an increase taking place in July - this is thanks to the FIFA Women's World Cup driving booking demand. The Stay Hub has a team of revenue analysts who monitor pricing on a daily basis, as well as events, booking demand, and the wider market to optimise average daily rates.

If you are thinking about listing your property in the market, we would encourage you to do so now. While it only takes a few weeks to get up and running with The Stay Hub, the more visitors you have, the more reviews you get, and the more traction you gain. Get ready for summer now!


The Stay Hub has moved! Last month our headquarters relocated from our usual spot on City Road and popped around the corner to 14 Burleigh Street. Both The Stay Hub and our sister company, Hammond & Co Property Management, are based out of these lovely new offices. We also have visitor parking, so feel free to pop by and visit us.


The Stay Hub’s complementary sister company specialises in long-term renting. The Stay Hub and Hammond & Co can work in tandem to provide owners with expert advice and solutions for both property markets, ensuring you are well-informed to make the best possible decision for your investment goals and needs.

Both companies offer property owners a seamless experience across the long and short-term renting property markets and the ability to switch between the two, if desired. If you are unsure which market is the right fit for you, get in touch to arrange a meeting with one of our experts, who can make recommendations based on your specific property and circumstances.

If you are one of our next ten Hammond & Co properties, you will be gifted a $250 voucher to spend with The Stay Hub! T&Cs apply.



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