Price Optimisation

Getting the best nightly rate for your property

We use data-driven, real-time pricing strategies to get the highest returns for you.


Our high occupancy at optimal nightly rates means more money in your pocket.


  • Nightly rates are updated daily based on booking history, seasonality, future supply & demand trends and even events.

  • Prices are adjusted to take advantage of special events, holidays, days in the week and last-minute bookings

  • We combine pricing with timing optimisation to maximise occupancy and returns

  • Our market intelligence and analysis keeps us ahead of competition

  • Regular tweaking of your listing propels your property to the top of searches - putting it in front of more people

It has been hugely relaxing knowing everything is under control! I am really pleased that The Stay Hub is looking after my pricing as I was never quite sure where to place my property!


Property Investor

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