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Introducing DreamGreen Pillows


DreamGreen seems to be a sustainable and environmentally conscious bedding brand that offers an alternative to traditional microfiber fillings made from newly created plastics. Instead of contributing to the plastic waste issue and using petroleum-based materials, DreamGreen recycles plastic bottles to create its hypoallergenic microfiber fill.


The process starts by sourcing high-grade plastic bottles, which are then sterilized and transformed into small, pure white flakes. These flakes are then spun into a yarn and eventually turned into the luxurious, snow-white, high-loft microfiber used in their bedding products.


By using recycled plastic, DreamGreen reduces the demand for virgin petroleum-based materials and contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing. This approach aligns with the goal of tackling the worldwide plastic waste problem by utilizing existing materials and turning them into a premium bedding product.


For environmentally conscious consumers who want a comfortable and hypoallergenic bedding option while also making a positive impact on the planet, DreamGreen's approach may be an attractive choice. The brand's commitment to sustainability and recycling may resonate with those who wish to support eco-friendly practices in their purchasing decisions.

DreamGreen Dream Pillow - 600g

  • Made from 15 recycled bottles

    This mid-range pillow is filled with 620g of sustainable microfiber and encased in a crisp cotton outer. 

    • Profile: Medium loft - soft
    • Weight: 620g
    • Size: Standard 46 x 72cm
    • Filling: long-life, pre-crimped, premium quality microfibre
    • Outer: 100% premium japara cotton cover
    • Allergy: hypo-allergenic, down alternative
    • Care: Use a pillow protector, gentle warm or cold wash only if required. Low heat tumble dry, or line dry, shake and fluff before reuse.
    • Hospitality Rating: 3-4 Star
  • If you don’t like the quality of this product, please return it within 7 days with all the packaging material, brochures and instruction material in as new condition as is reasonably possible in the circumstances. We reserve the right to deny refunds if we feel the product has been used and cannot be resold as a new product.

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