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Marketing Successful Short-Term Rentals

Some of the facets of successfully marketing a short-term rental include interior design, photography, search engine optimisation, and copywriting. A property’s market exposure based on where it is listed is also imperative.

Global Platforms

Airbnb is one of the most popular travel platforms, though it may come as a surprise that it is not the largest. There are many other top contenders, with travellers frequently choosing websites based on what’s popular in their country. According to the most recent travel research from Apptopia, Airbnb held a global market share of 25.97% in 2021, with sitting at 34.57%. Hopper, the fastest-growing platform, sprung to a global share of 7.68%. Expedia reached 7.31%, and their group brand Vrbo achieved 5.26%. Brands under Booking Holdings, Expedia, and comprised the remainder of the global market.

While Expedia brands have smaller shares, 2023 Expedia Group data lists their monthly traffic at over 100 million unique visitors. With over 200 sites in 70 countries, their annual revenue clocked over 11.6 billion in 2022. Expedia websites are a go-to for short-stays, with Vrbo alone hosting more than two million rentals. Furthermore, the brand recently reported a 50% increase in Asia-Pacific search volumes for the end of 2022.

In the US, Airbnb holds the largest market share, with Booking Holdings being king throughout Europe — a whopping 71.2% share was recorded in 2021 by Hospitality Europe.

Of course, both Europeans and Americans visit New Zealand in droves, so each platform is essential for international bookings. The Stay Hub creates listings across a plethora of global travel platforms, including Expedia,, Agoda, and Airbnb, for maximised exposure.

Before listing online, capturing enticing images is a must and goes beyond simply taking pictures. Interior design can make or break a listing, transforming even the most basic of spaces.

Styling & Imagery

Investing in artwork, extra throws and cushions, and decorative pieces increases appeal, both visually and for an enriching experience. Go for large artwork over smaller pieces - this draws attention and looks stunning in photography. Blues and greens are a go-to, while browns need to be carefully balanced with deeper colours. For a high-end look and feel, consider mixing new furnishings with vintage items. Think chic and antiques. Use a minimalist approach so your property feels open and clean rather than cluttered. Designing a stylish space for guests can drive bookings and command higher average daily rates. Some classic examples of bold but sleek looks include rustic, modernised, or a creative bohemian space that exudes artistic interiors. Ensuring your property is tastefully appointed and professionally photographed will set you up for success. For a hassle-free experience, short-term rental companies like The Stay Hub can offer professional styling services and advice to maximise your rental returns.

Enticing Copy

Clever wordsmithing is critical to achieving website traffic and conversions, as is an understanding of how travel platforms decide rankings based on search criteria. Copywriting that appeals to both guests and algorithms is a delicate balance of art and science. Listings that don’t speak to its audience or promote a property’s highlights will not perform. Be sure to capture any unique features, amenities, views, or design aspects in your writing. Noting points of interest and travel times to appealing locations is also beneficial. If you join a property management company, your listings will be one step ahead with skilled professionals who specialise in optimising listing performance. A Superhost ranking on Airbnb or an existing five-star reputation can also generate a high occupancy from the get-go.

Luxury Travel

Advertising more upmarket and luxury properties is another ball game. Fortunately, owners can target expertly curated platforms that cater to wealthier demographics looking for luxury travel, such as Marriott International Homes & Villas. The Stay Hub is a proud partner with this premium and luxury rental platform. Many properties under our management are listed within their exclusive portfolio, reaching more than 157 million members worldwide. With an audience where price is not a barrier, listings here provide a lucrative opportunity.

For more advice, contact us at The Stay Hub. Our experts can talk you through the ins and outs of marketing short-term rentals. To find out what your property could earn in the market, reach out to a short-term rental management company for a FREE appraisal service and expert advice.

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