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Short-Term Rental Maintenance & Housekeeping

The short-term rental market is on the rise across the globe, attracting property owners, investors, and developers due to its dynamic pricing model. With a regular stream of short-stay guests, owners need to ensure cleaning is completed after each stay and that their property is set up for success with routine maintenance and an option for emergency repairs if they’re needed. Whilst some may see this as an inconvenience, it can actually benefit your rental income and safeguard your assets in the long run, resulting in lower turnover costs and ensuring your property is kept in top-notch condition with regular cleaning. 

What do you need to consider for maintenance and cleaning when you switch to short-term renting? 

Professional Management or DIY

Regular cleaning and maintenance can be a time-consuming process, but short-term rental property management companies such as The Stay Hub can do all the work for you so you can spend more time with your friends and family. If, for example, your property requires an emergency repair, property owners will only have a short window of time to carry out this job, or it will impact their future bookings and income. It can also affect your rental’s reputation if guests decide to leave a negative review. The most effective property management companies will have their own teams on hand to help, as well as the best tradies in the industry on call at any given time. 

As part of an umbrella of Hammond property service companies, The Stay Hub works alongside Porter Property & Facility Services to provide short-term rental owners with comprehensive in-house maintenance and housekeeping services. Based out of the same office in Grafton, Auckland, The Stay Hub’s property management team has a close working relationship with Porter, who specialises in both residential and commercial maintenance, repairs, and renovation solutions. 

On the short-term rental front, Porter covers general maintenance, plumbing and gas fittings, electrical repairs, landscaping, pool and spa services, and housekeeping. Working with the latest technologies on the market ensures fast turnaround times, keeping your occupancy up and your guests satisfied. Porter also utilises some of the best technologies in the industry for effective maintenance tracking.

Damages to the Property 

As opposed to long-term rentals, where property damage can go unnoticed or unreported for extended periods, if damage occurs in a professionally managed short-term rental, it is readily spotted and repaired before its state can deteriorate further, pushing your overall costs down over time. Anything that is left unattended is going to cost you more in the long -term. In general, long-term tenants often cause more damage than short-term guests. 

When your property is onboarded into our portfolio, our team will complete an extensive audit to ensure everything is up to scratch and no extra work is needed before going live online. This also ensures your property is safe for guests and that nothing dangerous could cause potential harm. 

Routine Maintenance 

Lawns, gardens, and added amenities that command higher premiums, such as pools and hot tubs, require regular care and maintenance to be kept in pristine condition. In particular, outdoor areas are often overlooked when it comes to general maintenance. Over time, this can spiral, resulting in a dishevelled appearance. Trees and bushes need to be trimmed, lawns mowed, weeds pulled out, barbeques scrubbed, and filtration systems in pools should be inspected regularly. Routine maintenance is an essential part of preventative maintenance measures to protect your assets in the long run. 

Heating and Ventilation

While Healthy Homes does not apply to short-term rentals, ensuring your rental is well-heated and ventilated is key to keeping guests happy and providing a great guest experience. For heating, our partners at Porter can set your property up with a heat pump installation or panel heater. They also service heat pumps, which is important to ensuring the longevity of your heat pump. The Stay Hub recommends heat pumps as one of the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions for heating and cooling. 

Housekeeping & Cleaning

Housekeeping and regular cleaning is an essential aspect of short-term renting. Your property needs to be cleaned after each guest stay, linen needs to be replaced with fresh sheets, and bathroom and kitchen amenities need to be topped up. This may sound like a lot of work, particularly if you have a high turnover of guests coming through your door. But this is where companies like The Stay Hub can help. Our in-house team of cleaners with Porter Property Facilities handles all of your cleaning and housekeeping needs, leading the way for higher occupancy rates.

If you are concerned about the upkeep of your property or looking for a trusted partnership, reach out to The Stay Hub and see how we can work with you. Call us on 0508 7782 9482 or email



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